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Car 1940 Jeep Willys Quad

Written By Nathen Bridgwater on Saturday, September 3, 2011 | 8:40 AM

The Willys MB US Army Jeep (formally the Truck, 1/4 ton, 4x4) and the Ford GPW were manufactured from 1941 to 1945. These small four-wheel drive utility vehicles are considered the iconic World War II Jeep, and inspired many similar light utility vehicles. Over the years, the World War II Jeep later evolved into the "CJ" civilian Jeep. Its counterpart in the German army was the Volkswagen Kübelwagen first prototyped in 1938, also based on a small automobile, but which used an air-cooled engine and lacked 4 wheel drive. 

Jeep Willys vehicles apart from other companies’ vehicles was its Willys L134 engine, nicknamed the “Go Devil.” It was more powerful than the engines of other companies, which ended up becoming a big factor in Jeep Willys eventually winning the bulk of the army contract. With a “Go Devil” under the hood, the Jeep Willys MB produced 60 horsepower and 105 foot-pounds of torque, well exceeding the army’s desires and the other manufacturers’ top benchmarks.

What really set the Jeep Willys MB apart, however, was its sheer capability and versatility. The vehicles served in every theater during WWII. They were outfitted with machine gun mounts and stretchers to transport the wounded. They helped lay telephone cables and carried generals and presidents. They were so reliable and rugged that they’ve been directly credited for helping the U.S. and Allied forces win the war. 

There was once a time when a Go Anywhere, Do Anything vehicle was nothing more than an idea. The idea became a reality with the Jeep Willys prototype, and that reality has turned into a legend featuring the iconic Jeep brand vehicles past and present.
Willys & Ford Motor Company
640,000 standardized;
8,690 other (1941–1945)
Toledo, Ohio
Willys M38
Mini SUV
Body style
2-door (can be piled for shipping, plastic steering wheel, steel seats, hinged passenger front seat, slitted Wartime front parking lights).
•Gauges: speedometer 0 - 60mph, Temp 0 - 220F, Amp +30/-30A, Oil pressure, map light. Failsafe main light switch pushbutton (can't accidentally pull mainlights on).
Front engine, rear-wheel drive / four-wheel drive
3.1L I6
134 cu in (2.2 L) Go Devil I4
3-speed + reverse T-84 manual
2-speed Dana 18 transfer case;
Transfer case2 selections: 2wd Hi , 4WD Hi, 4WD Lo
80 inches (203 cm) leaf springs, shock absorbers in all 4; full hydraulic brakes in all 4; handbrake assembly at rear of transfer case
75.0 in (1,905 mm)
131 inches (333 cm)
62 inches (157.5 cm)
72 inches (183 cm) with top up
reducible to 52 inches (132 cm)
Curb weight
2,293 lb(1040 kg)
Ford GPA 'Seep'
Jeep Wrangler
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