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New BMW 6 Series Convertible

Written By Nathen Bridgwater on Monday, January 14, 2013 | 6:41 PM

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Car BMW 6 Series Convertible
6 series cars in two versions, namely convertible and coupe models with safety features styling has sepajang lineup. BMW 6 Series cars including expensive cars and includes features - features luxury, the car that formed part of the body looks sporty luxury cars. In the BMW 6 Series Convertible with an open cabin so the driver feels comfortable and thrill of driving.

In the BMW 6 Series Convertible is provided two types of BMW 640i and 650i, bmw series convertible car in germany products with exotic designs and sporty design model bias roof opened automatically. At 6 series is different from previous versions, the difference in the length of the car reaches 77 mm and 39 mm width of the car and the car's position on the lower 9 mm long dimension of 4894 mm, width 1894 mm car, height 1356 mm, wheelbase 74 mm rodabertambah to 2885 mm .

BMW 640i cars dilengkap 8 speed engine capacity of 3.0 liter with 6 cylindrical jection and Valvetronik.dengan BME technology TwinPower Turbo and direct system iberkapasitas 2979 cc capable of achieving production 320 horsepower and rpm rev 5.8000 and reaches 6,000 rpm with the biggest boost this car on NM 450 is 1,300 rpm up to 4500 rpm and the CO2 emissions 185 g / km.
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Features in cars 6 series luxury sport sedan and displaynyta separate the display forms a large 10.2-inch flatscreen that was first installed on the BMW 6 Series Convertible mibil. In color BMW 6 Series is provided in black, alpine white, titanium silver gray space Vermillon Red, HavanaBrown, Orion silver and sapphire.

BMW 6 series convertible 650i mnggunakan berkapsitas V8 and 4.4 liter with high precision direct injection and turbocharging that can generate power 407 hp tenag horses at 5,500 rpm engine speed to 6400 rpmserta memili peak of 600 NM AT 1750 rpm to 4500 rpm with emissions CO2 of 249 g / km.
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Cars BM 6 Series 640i and 650i are luxury cars and sport denan modern features, if you are impressed with the BMW 6 series cars do not delay to buy it.
In the new BMW 640i on sale at a price of $ 82.795 ($ 81.995)
In the new BMW 640i on sale at a price of $ 93.895 ($ 91.395)
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