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Car News Audi A1 Special Amplified Edition

Written By Nathen Bridgwater on Monday, January 14, 2013 | 6:45 PM

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Audi cars are always developing products and fans increasingly corpulent audi car, now sounds more German automotive maker issued new cars audi yaiti spesil Ampilified.Amplified Audi A1 designed memberikanhatcback and sporty car sold at a high price. German product is issued with three exclusive esisi the A1 three-door and five-door A1 Sportack, the different concepts with applications Quarttro Gmbh, all consist of some kind of new, in a model, there are 3 types of Amplified, Amplified Amplified Plus and Advanced .

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Discussion of some kindAmplified has a matte transparent on the hood and roof, seen from the roof of the stripes - gloss black, 17 alloy wheels with a five-arm design and upgraded interior sport seats are also air vents.

Plus Amplified ties at tambha a headliner and interior LED lights and is equipped with a color key, plusnya stainless steel pedals and foot rest. if the difference in look is not very satisfactory in add xenon headlights.We return again to the Audi A1 Special Amplified Edition, the discussion of the exterior, the Audi A1 Amplified made with a touch of the A1 sector there are three-door and five-door A1 spotrback with. A1 Cars also provides several colors, one also in perindah A1 with LED lights. A1 cars increasingly look beautiful denganhitam glossy on one set of tail pipe bumper. The more visible veleg designed exclusively with the curve with 17-inch tire size calculated price.
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The interior on the Audi A1 Special Amplified memuasakan the driver and the car was driving at the time yaman seen again on the dashboard and panels on the dashboard elegant, Special Amplified Audi A1 looks karna seat sports car / black upholstery and color combinations are satisfactory.Are you interested in this car? around € 1,990 (U.S. $ 24 million-an) for Amplified edition, € 3,990 (U.S. $ 47 million-an) for Amplified Plus, and € 8,777 (U.S. $ 83 million-an) for Advanced Amplified price A1 three-door and five-door standards.


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