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2001 JEEP Grand Cherokee UK Version

Written By Nathen Bridgwater on Thursday, June 30, 2011 | 7:35 AM

New Jeep Grand Cherokee was the first Jeep vehicle developed and engineered using the latest CATIA (Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application) design of computer technology. 

For all the technologyinnovation that lies under the skin though, no one new form-motif that Jeep Jeep Grand Cherokee grille, less angle and more raked, unmistakably Jeep yet to match the car look more fluid, smooth and dynamic. 

The grille is flanked by directly recognized gems like headlights that match the stunning looks to increase efficiency. A light beam pattern, widely suitable for headlamp leveling, so even when heavily loaded or towing the car, the headlights can be 'tuned' for optimal security. The steep sloping windscreen, for greater aerodynamic efficiency. To the rear, bold tri-color tail lamps lend a distinctive Jeep Grand Cherokee on the road personality, to stand out from the crowd.

The interior has more space for occupants and luggage.
By making the Jeep Grand Cherokee 11 cm long (4.4 inches), 6.4 cm high (2.5 inches) wide and 4 cm (1.6 inches), residents can now enjoy an extra 2.5 cm (one inch) more front headroom, 1.2 cm (half an inch) more rear headroom, 7.8 cm (3.1 inches) more rear hip room and 36 liters (1.3 cubic feet) of luggage space more.

Jeep Grand Cherokee is now powered by two engines and the all-new, completely re more powerful, version of the much-loved 4.0-liter straight-six petrol powerplant. The all-new muscle 4.7-liter V8 PowerTech engine, the new 3.1-liter five-cylinder turbo diesel and 4.0-liter straight-six petrol engine has been specially designed to offer better performance, fuel consumption, better quality and reliability, and to be quieter and smoother to ride more sophisticated and relaxed.

"For the V8 it means more usable power, less noise, reduced vibration and less violence and greater durability We have made this one of the V8 petrol powerplants most calm, refined and best sounding Chrysler ever developed .. This has been done by increasing the engine and overall powertrain stiffness, improve balance rotating components and powertrain mounting system upgrades.

The 4.7-liter V8, offering more usable power, greater torque for increased traction and greater durability. It takes a Jeep Grand Cherokee for a top speed of 124 mph and 0-60 mph in eight seconds. PowerTech V8 engine giving 220 bhp at 4600 rpm and 291 lb ft of torque at 3300 rpm. Vibration is the minimum thanks to the use of rigid structures and moving parts, and by reducing the noise of the engine. But there's still a typical exhaust V8 burble.
Power levels are up thanks to fast-burn combustion technology. It has the added bonus of improving fuel economy by getting more work from any given amount of fuel, aided by computer designed water pump that reduces wasted power. As a result, despite its 4.7 liter, V8 capable of 20.8 mpg. 
Grand Cherokee diesel powerplants in Europe show, the all-new 3.1-liter Turbo Diesel engine, is a significant option for drivers keen to use the great appeal of the unit for off-road diesel toughest jobs such as towing trailers, caravans and horseboxes. The 3.1 TD, built in VM Motors in Cento, Italy, is the first diesel-powered Jeep will be equipped with an automatic transmission as standard, and can tow loads up to 3500 kg. 

Fifth fat cylinder Turbo Diesel 3125 cc smoothly responsive, marrying power, economy and civilized on-road, thanks to the ability to invade a large off-road its 283 pounds ft of torque and power ratings of 138 bhp at 3600 rpm. 

more than 700 miles with the fuel tank is a feat for any car. However, Turbo Diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee will do that. It's no idle marketing boast, as the 3.1-liter Turbo Diesel traveled all the way from Dover to the North East of Scotland only on one tank of fuel, an average of 43 mpg miserly, and covers 735 miles (1176 kilometers) in 78 liters. That works out at an average of 42.86 mpg or 6.63 l/100 km. Official figures show the economy returning 29.1 mpg Turbo Diesel extra urban, 24.1 mpg combined, and 19.5 mpg urban cycle. 

The 4.0-liter straight-six petrol engine has been widely revised, and the result is 10 percent more powerful, delivering 188 bhp at 5000 rpm, 218 lb ft of torque at 3050 rpm, with a top speed of 117 mph and from 0 -60 mph time of 10 seconds , returning 23.5 mpg on the extra urban cycle.

Upgrade to the 4.0-liter powerplant makes it quieter, but at the same time more powerful and cleaner environment. A splitter-vane pump new water is 50 percent more efficient, and a new cylinder head with reduced-area port exhaust manifold and new exhaust expel the products of combustion to spend more efficiently, which also increases power. A low idle speed helps improve fuel economy. 

So the 4.0-liter Jeep Grand Cherokee quieter and more relaxing to drive, Chrysler Jeep engineers have worked hard to reduce noise and vibration from the transmission, engine and transfer with a set of steel struts that are used to connect all three. The result is a significantly less noise, vibration and harshness is felt by the occupants of the car. 

The, fully automatic electronically controlled multi-speed 45RFE is all-new to Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7-liter V8. Another breakthrough came in the form of an automatic transmission with a 3.1 liter Turbo Diesel, so the Jeep with a diesel engine suitable for the automatic transmission.

45RFE automatic transmission and V8 engine has been designed and engineered in harmony and precisely calibrated to bring the best out of each other. The result is a powertrain engine / transmission highly sophisticated deliver large amounts of power in a smooth, easy to use stream, a partnership that also produces fuel efficiency and exhaust emissions are greatly reduced.

Automatic Transmissions 45RFE also clearly define the Jeep Grand Cherokee as the leader of the class as it is the only 4x4 in its class with the benefits of a reverse gear ratio equal to the ratio of the first gear. For the 4x4 driver, especially riders who tows or used to carry heavy loads, this is a very useful feature. 

45RFE also has the widest range of gear ratios in the transmission in its class. The innovative design means that, together with a selection of appropriate measures, shifted gears with a powerful V8 is silky smooth, whilst also ensuring that the maximum power and fuel economy sharpest held no matter what the conditions. 

The Jeep Grand Cherokee entire range is equipped with a automatic transmission. The 3.1 liter Turbo Diesel partnered with the completely re-engineered version of the transmission 44RE four-speed electronically controlled, while the 4.0-liter straight-six petrol unit is mated with, proved to be completely updated, electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission 42RE.

Chrysler's all-new Quadra-Drive four-wheel drive system is an industry exclusive to the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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