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Written By Nathen Bridgwater on Thursday, November 3, 2011 | 10:58 AM

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Super car manufacturing company based in Florida, the United States announced that they will only produce one model Foton MT900S.
Mosler MT900S road car is designed to be the extreme performance vehicle. In third-party testing is officially a record performance of nine, including 0-60mph in 3.1 seconds,'' says creator Warren Mosler. '' Now it's already past the testing phase with flying colors, deliveries could begin in very limited quantities for discriminating coterie of racers, collectors, and investors.''

Photon MT900S powered 7.0-liter V engine with a power of 535hp and the ability to reach 60 miles per hour in just three seconds. The maximum speed that can be achieved even reach 200 miles per hour. The driver can even browse within ¼ mile in 11 seconds. Performance and incredible speed ditawakan MT900S Photon influenced by body weight weighing 1134 pounds with carbon fiber body panels and composite chassis

This car is a successful continuation of the previous MT900 series that once held the record lap speed in the event of Car and Driver Lightning Lap in Viginia International Speedway a few years ago. The driver uses the model MT900 in international competitions reportedly had to use a car with the additional weight ballast weighing 181 pounds. This needs to be done to slow the pace of MT900 and balance performance with Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, and a variety of other car models in the competition. 

The Mosler MT900S utilizes lightweight carbon fiber and Kevlar(TM) composites in its body panels, floor, and door structures. The result is a 2400-pound, fully certified street car powered by a 435-hp, all-aluminum V8 that delivers class-leading performance with 0-60 times 3.1 seconds. Final assembly is completed in Riviera Beach, Florida. A stunning example of cutting-edge technology and beauty, the MT900S features 18- and 20-inch magnesium and carbon-fiber wheels (Mosler was the first to adopt carbon rims).

In terms of interior, middle-engined car is equipped with two seats and air conditioning to ensure the comfort of the user who should pay for USD479.000 to get
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